Paper Craft


Whether you're looking for a minimal display at a trade show, or an extensive build for a long term display, there are many different applications and ways to customize an iWall. 


Frame size

Think of this as the total length of the product. iWall Display's typically range from 10 ft to 20ft. Longer frames are feasible but might require multiple monitors.  


Background graphics

Your iWall display can have a standard background graphic or a luma (LIT graphic) 


Monitor Size

Our 4k monitors range from 32inch up to 70 inches. Their touch screen capabilities offer an even more interactive experience. We offer transparent monitors, as well. 


Concave or Convex 

The iWall frames can be custom built to fit your design. That means, we can build on a curved wall to create a convex to concave iWall Display. 


Mounted or Free Standing

The iWall Display can be wall-mounted or free standing depending on your desired application.