The iWall is a custom built, one of a kind,
interactive visual experience. ​By
sliding the monitor, the
iWall presents an in-depth,

unique,and enriching 
way to engage with

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  • A compact CPU/monitor carriage integrates with a background graphic and media content to create a highly engaging and informative exhibit. Graphics, animation, audio and video content can all be navigated by simply sliding the LCD monitor along the track which triggers the display of various content.

  • The iWall is an innovative way to let people control the delivery of in-depth content in a flexible format. The beauty of the iWall is that each interaction will be organic and new from person to person. 

  • The iWall can be wall-mounted for freestanding depending on your vision. 

  • The iWall comes in two standard monitor sizes | 42-inch & 55-inch. However, custom configurations are available.

  • The frames for the exhibit can be straight, concave or convex ranging from 8 to 22 feet. 

  • With our team of creatives, fabricators, and software developers -- we're able to be with you every step of the way!