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The iWall is a custom built, one of a kind, interactive visual experience. 

​The viewer is in total control. By simply sliding the 4k touch-screen monitor,

the iWall presents an in-depth, unique, and enriching way to engage with information.

Intro 1

The iWall tells your story... 

Concrete Wall
Our Services

Our Services

We'll start with a call to learn more about your project and make a plan to create the best iWall display.

We'll identify how we can best support you on each stage of creation.


Content Creation

This is when the content creation for your iWall will begin. Typically, we leave this up to your team, but we're able to help guide you in any way possible. We recommend identifying what information you want your viewer to walk away with. From there you'll gather all supportive content. Photo, Video, Audio, Text, Graphics, and more!


Software Development

The iWall runs off of a proprietary OS. If you have the ability to develop the software in house, great! We have a detailed track OS document for programmers. Our team can even bring your creative assets or storyboard to life within Unity3D. Once the program is developed, we will test it to make sure it's perfect.


Fabrication & Installation

This is where your vision comes to life. We handle the fabrication of the iWall from sourcing the highest quality screen size to building out the custom length, and installing the OS. We travel to the necessary destination to install the iWall and ensure it's installed safely, correctly, and ready for use. 

Our team is here for you
every step of the way.  

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